Perro de Presa Canario, its true origin.

Book written by Manuel Curtó Gracia in 1991. It is a compilation of articles in chronological order extracted from newspapers, in which events that occurred during the time of the creation of the race are discussed.

Part 1

The name of Canaria

We often hear from improvised historians that there have been dogs (many and large) in the Canary Islands since ancient times, and that this is

Perros de Presa Canarios

The raison d’être of the prey dogs was to fight. To this end, they were crossed, bred and selected. The color was not important, it

Part 2

About the dog show

OnOctober 27th and 28th (1984) took place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the IV National Dog Show in which several breeds competed for the CAC.

Qualities of a Presa Canario Dog

Was the old Perro de Presa Canario physically and psychically similar to the number of dogs of prey that have proliferated over the last three

The Presa Canario dog, a fraud

Indeed, to say it this way may sound very strong to those who are not aware of what is happening today with the so-called Perro

The current Presas Canarios

Talking about Presa Canario today is not easy. Much can be said not about that dog but about these multiple and diverse dogs. Six or

And now for the C.A.C.

The first young canary dogs are already in the ring. They are similar only in color. Sad spectacle for cynologists, and for breeders who work

New problems for Presa Canario

If until last April 28th (1989) the discord between the different clubs and independents was the worst enemy of the Perro de Presa Canario, now

A communiqué

On the occasion of such a scandalous fraud, the breed clubs (Club Español del Perro de Presa Canario, recognized by the Real Sociedad Canina de

The agreement was annulled

The Committee of this RSC -this letter, dated June 28th, was received at the headquarters of the Spanish Presa Canario Dog Club, and was/is signed

New standard

The general dissatisfaction with the first Breed Registry held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on April 29, 1989, was more than enough reason for

New exhibition of Presas Canarios

On May 13, a very important (unofficial) exhibition of Canary Island Presa dogs was held at the Tenerife Fairgrounds, organized by the Club Español del

Aggressive dogs

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about certain dog-on-human aggressions in England. The press, radio and television throughout Europe have echoed these regrettable

Part 3

Three interviews

The normal thing, as it is the most frequent in canine matters, is to disregard the opinion of the old dog handlers. Modern dog breeding